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Why I'm Running for Childline Every child deserves a voice, especially when facing pain and trauma. Comrades has always been something I have wanted to do but was paralyzed by my own trauma, numbing the pain with alcohol, until I found freedom and now, I am doing something I have always dreamt of, Through my own healing I have found freedom and I want to run for the countless children who need someone to hear them. My run is fueled by the belief that no child should have to suffer in silence, and that's where Childline shines a beacon of hope. Childline offers a vital lifeline to children experiencing abuse, neglect, or any other difficult situation. It's a safe space where they can freely express themselves, without judgment or fear. Every call answered, every message received, becomes a powerful step towards healing and empowerment. My motivation comes from the simple yet profound idea that freedom from trauma should be a birthright, not a privilege. By running for Childline, I'm running for the freedom of every child to speak their truth, to seek help, and to know that they are not alone. With every stride, I'm raising awareness and critical funds to ensure Childline's crucial services remain accessible to all children in need. Imagine the countless voices that will be heard, the tears that will be dried, and the futures that will be brighter simply because we choose to run, advocate, and donate. Join me in this journey, not just for the race, but for the children's right to be heard. Together, we can create a world where every child's voice resonates, their pain is acknowledged, and their freedom becomes a reality. Donate, spread the word, and let's run for the children. Let their voices be heard!

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 of Good Luck

07 May 2024

R2 000.00

Enjoy your run 😊

Marc S

16 Apr 2024


Continue being amazing and giving back

Creating smiles

14 Apr 2024

R1 000.00

Yeahhh awesome you are running for such an important cause…


11 Apr 2024


You got this Jo Adeshini


30 Mar 2024


For the little hearts and souls 🙏 what a great cause! Go Jo go!


29 Mar 2024



Kylie Atkinson

29 Mar 2024


Warren Smith