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Celeste van Rensburg

Childline KZN

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Imagine it; Running almost 100 km with an elevation gain of almost 2000m. Sounds Crazy Right? Maybe it is, but now Imagine the exhilaration of completing such a task! Born and raised in South Africa I watched the Comrades Ultra Marathon from the age of 8 with my dad and dreamt of one day being able to become a comrades finisher myself. I was in awe of the athletes who seemed super human and who's mental strengthen inspired me as a child. My first step in becoming comfortable at being uncomfortable was to complete my first full distance Ironman race in 2019. I completed my 4th Ironman in 2023 and decided that I needed a new challenge on the African continent in my home country amongst "my people" and what could be more iconic and more memorable than fulfilling my dream as a young kid. Race for Charity and raising money for Childline KZN is a way of helping children heal and recover from abuse. If we can help one child heal and recover, our legacies will have an impact on future generations to come. We may be the reason a child decides to take on the comrades Ultra Marathon as part of their healing process as an adult. Being healthy physically allows us to be healthy mentally which in turn fosters mentally healthier families.

R25 600 of R50 000

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 of Good Luck

20 May 2024

R1 000.00

You've got this my friend. Strong mentally and stubborn!!!!!

Amy Zee

20 May 2024


Rob Lackey

16 May 2024


Celeste - you can do it! Good luck and stay safe.

Chris Orr

13 May 2024

R2 600.00

Vince & Richard

11 May 2024

R1 000.00

Go Celeste!

Michael Pitts

07 May 2024

R2 000.00

Relentless commitment.

Barbara Laurens

06 May 2024

R1 000.00

A big "Thumbs Up" from both of us! Enjoy the many experiences and memories you will make!

Mary Anne and Pat Griepsma