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I recently ran the NYC Marathon with a charity close to my heart, this charity provides scholarships and resources for rehab and sober living. As someone approaching 3 years of sobriety, this not only resonated with me but served as an alignment of the effort to run a marathon, with my personal “why” and values. Running for charity made this that much more of a meaningful experience, it wasn’t just about me. As an international runner from the US, when I was looking over Comrades official charity partners Community Chest not only specifically mentioned substance abuse, but they by and large worked closely to issues literally foreign to me, and in that I could trust that my work here would be toward the benefit of the community I seek to run with in June of 2023.

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22 May 2023


You got this, Eric!!

Michelle F

22 May 2023


Eric Riddle

19 May 2023


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13 Apr 2023


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12 Apr 2023


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