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Rise Against Hunger

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I come from a family of 12 so know what its like to struggle, especially as it was only my mother working and supporting us. As an adult I always tried to find something to give back to and over the years have raised over R1m for various charities. This year my daughter who recently started running asked me to coach & run with her for her first Comrade. So I decided that to celebrate such an awesome occasion, I would once again like to try and raise money for a good cause and one that is close to my heart, raising money for those less fortunate than me. I am sure that the tears will be flowing on the finish line.

R8 000 of R50 000

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 of Good Luck

23 Apr 2022


Wishing you all the best Fred & Crissi. What a blessing to be doing the Comrades together. Neresh Dhawraj

Neresh Dhawraj

20 Apr 2022


Well done Fred in your endeavour. Something to be proud of.

Allan Bolt

20 Apr 2022

R1 000.00

Good luck Fred and Crissi, will be such a special day for both of you!

Derrian Nadauld

13 Apr 2022

R1 000.00

Wishing you and your daughter an awesome race from the Famous Brands Family

Famous Brands

10 Apr 2022

R1 000.00

What a joy to be doing it with Crissi! I will be egging you all on in Hillcrest!

Clive Ducasse

09 Apr 2022

R1 000.00

Awesome Fred. Good luck

Darren Hele

07 Apr 2022

R1 000.00

It must be a joy to have the unique privilege to be running the Comrades with your daughter. I hope its not all Uphill

David Smythe