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Catherine Hopkins

Community Chest Durban & Pietermaritzburg

Personal Message:

Coming to South Africa in 2010 to run the Comrades changed my life and being a part of the Community Chest Family has made my journey even more meaningful. Thanks to all those awesome people who have donated to CC through my Comrades entry in the past. I'm so grateful:)

R55 400 of R50 000

Donations & Messages
 of Good Luck

17 Aug 2022

R5 000.00

robert abraham

11 Aug 2022


Congrats and best wishes!

Nancy Elkin

10 Aug 2022

R2 250.00

Good luck!

Mom & Dad

31 Jul 2022

R1 000.00

Have a great race!

Dorothy Abraham

30 Jul 2022

R2 500.00

Go Cathy!! Get that green number!

Sean Abraham

26 Jul 2022

R2 000.00

thanks for the reminder. You've been on my "to do" list for the past month, so I could get this link.

Ron Horn Pretzel City Sports

25 Jul 2022

R8 400.00

Run, Abe, Run!

Kyle Warendorf